RAZE v0.5 is out now! Download for free here.

RAZE is a 2D brawler game with a futuristic setting and a
retro, back-to-the 80s style.

You can download the latest demo from the Download tab.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback! Feel free to write to us at dev@raze.no.

Check out our YouTube channel for weekly development updates!

About RAZE

The year is 20XX, and the city of Clearbrook has been overrun by gangs of fearsome thugs! RAZE is a 2D brawler game with satisfying combat and gruesome finishers. The enemies are fully aware of their surroundings and they will hunt you down, surround you, and do whatever it takes to stop you as you pummel your way to the city core.

Raze Studio is a Swedish/Norwegian video game developer.
RAZE will be released in 2019.